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10 Best Xbox One Games You Had To Play In 2016!

Now that the next-generation of consoles have arrived, the once formidable big black box, the Xbox, has officially met its maker. Microsoft no longer manufactures the hardware, it stopped making first-party titles for Xbox in 2005, and nearly every single publisher, save one or two, have officially moved on. For IGN and all of our dedicated readers, that means one thing. We finally have created the best and most controversial Xbox list ever -- The Top 25 xbox games of All Time.

Yes, indeed. We know you wanted it. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Naturally, you might have a few questions. Like, crap! What are your very own top 25 Xbox games of all time? We'd like you to try this little experiment. Be ruthless, be mean; cut out all the games that just don't make the list. Can you do it? Can you create a top 25 Xbox list of your own and not include some great ones? Or not make it controversial? On a slightly deeper level, ask yourself this: What makes the number two game different than the number one title? Or the number three game better than the number four game? Once you've done it, compare your list to ours. Now, ask the biggest question: What got number one? And why? Can you defend it against the entire Internet?

Each relevant IGN channel is also writing its top 25 all-time games this week too. Make sure to check the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PC, and PlayStation 2 sites for their countdowns all week long (see individual links below).

Finally, "if" you disagree with our list or would like to offer your opinion by the time the countdown has ended on Friday, write in to the Xbox Team.

25) Jet Set Radio Future

Developer: Smilebit
Publisher: SEGA
Year Released: 2002

Synopsis: You've got to have soul. Nearly every Xbox owner knows that thanks to Jet Set Radio Future, along with SEGA GT, getting the Xbox pack-in treatment. Microsoft thought it was good enough to help sell consoles and, although JSRF may have been a bit out there and unique for the action loving Xbox fans, it certainly delivered on its promise. The Xbox sequel to the Dreamcast's Jet Grind Radio didn't just provide gamers with a bigger and better looking city to grind, tag and trick their way through, it took every criticism leveled at the first game and reworked the way the game played. The result was a much friendlier and fast paced game that had more style and funk than George Clinton.

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